Historical Political Events for January 21

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1832 The "spoils system" in U.S. politics gets its name this date in a Senate speech by Sen. William Learned Marcy, 46, (N.Y.) who says that he can see "nothing wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils." Politicians will continue for decades to name cronies to government jobs and dispense favors that will enrich their friends. (Quoted from The People's Chronology,from Henry Holt and Company, Inc. Copyright © 1995, 1996 by James Trager. All rights reserved.)
1949 After the termination of American aid, Chiang Kai-shek is defeated and China is taken over by the Communist forces under Mao Zedong.
1968 The United States abandoned a nuclear weapon beneath the ice in northern Greenland following a crash in 1968, a BBC investigation has found. Denmark cooperated with the US in this extremely serious cover-up.
1977 President Jimmy Carter (D) pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders.
1997 House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) is reprimanded and fined as the House voted for first time in history to discipline its leader for ethical misconduct. The US House ethics committee approved a $300,000 penalty against Gingrich (R) for ethics violations. Speaker Newt Gingrich agreed to submit to the reprimand.
1998 Clinton-Lewinsky matter reported in press; President denies allegations of a sexual relationship and of suborning perjury.
2005 "Bush Starts Ambitious 2nd Term With Prayer", says Fox News, while Bush's "tar baby", the Iraq war, rages on. Inaugural festivities began celebrations with the star-studded gala, "Saluting Those Who Serve," at the MCI Center, and ended at the Commander in Chief's Ball, where he took his turn on the dance floor.
2008 Markets Plunge Around the World: Responding to fears that the U.S. is headed for an imminent recession, stock markets fall drastically in Frankfurt, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and other major cities in Europe and Asia.
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I said to the vice president, “You know i’m not sure that we really have a strategy for winning this war.” The vice president said to me, “Well, I have similar concerns.” He thought there was something to be said for the argument that we didn’t have a strategy for victory at that time.
    — Paul Bremer, President Bush’s man in Baghdad, interviewed by Brian Williams, 1/6/06
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