Historical Political Events for January 23

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Year Event
1870 In the Marias Massacre, 173 Blackfoot Indians (140 were women and children) killed in Montana by US Army.
1933 The 20th Amendment to the Constitution (establishes dates of office occupation for politicians) was ratified by the states.
1961 A B-52 bomber carrying two 24 megaton bombs crashes at Goldsboro, North Carolina. On one of the bombs, five of six interlocking safety devices fail, and a single switch prevents detonation. The explosion would have been 1,800 more times more powerful than the bomb that was exploded at Hiroshima.
1964 24th Amendment ratified, barring poll tax in federal elections.
1968 North Korea seizes U.S. Ship, the USS Pueblo, as it was spying in Korean waters. 83 Americans held as spies.
1989 The Supreme Court invalidates a Richmond, Virginia program requiring that 30 percent of the city's public works funds be set aside for "minority-owned" construction firms.
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Quote of
the Day
There are three kinds of American conservatives: the neoconservatives, who supply the brains for the Republican governing coalition; the theoconservatives, more commonly known as the religious right, who supply the votes (and much of the cannon fodder); and the paleoconservatives, a dissenting minority, intellectually formidable but who are without much influence.
    — H. Arthur Scott Trask
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