Historical Political Events for January 31

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Year Event
1786 In the Treaty of Fort Finney, the Shawnee acknowledge American sovereignty in Ohio and are forced to sign away their Ohio lands east of the Miami River.
1876 All Canadian Indians had to move into reservations or be deemed hostile. Many could not make it in time, others never even knew of the proclamation (Indian Act).
1940 First Social Security check, in the amount of $22.54, was sent to Ida May Fuller.
1974 "Child Abuse prevention and Treatment Act" becomes law, Pub. L. 93-247. As usual for government solutions to society's ills, the medication may be worse than the illness.
1995 Mexico verges on default of paying interest on its government bonds but is rescued by President Clinton, who sidesteps Congress, and uses his own emergency authority January 31 to lend (or guarantee loans) of up to $20 billion--the largest non-military U.S. international commitment since the Marshall Plan of 1947. Other emerging-world markets rally on the news, but Mexican interest rates rise to 100 percent, creating a disaster for homeowners with variable-rate mortgages, and some 500,000 Mexicans lose their jobs. (From The People's Chronology)
2005 "Bucky" Bush, President Bush's uncle, clears $2.7 million in cash and stocks on the sale of Engineered Support Systems Inc. to DRS Technologies for $1.7 billion. Uncle Bucky has done very well with this war profits company since he was one of the Directors. [Some people are just lucky, I guess.]
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The study found that, on average, CEOs of corporations with extensive defense contracts are getting paid about double what they made before Sept. 11, 2001. . . The highest paid defense CEO, George David of United Technologies Corp. which makes Black Hawk helicopters and jet engines took in $31.9 million in 2005.
    — From a study conducted by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy[And I thought it was patriotism that inspired them to give so much to the political parties. Sigh.]
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