Historical Political Events for October 11

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1966 "Child Nutrition Act" becomes Public Law 89-642. This act established the School Breakfast Program which, according to the ASFSA, has been a great success, in that jobs and sales have soared dramatically. And a lot of moms don't have the burden of fixing breakfast anymore (The SBP now (as of 2003) serves 8.3 million children everyday {pdf}!).
1974 President Ford (R) signs the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) is abolished. The Energy Research and Development Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and Energy Resources Council are established.
1976 The Toxic Substances Control Act, signed by President Ford (R) this date, requires phasing out of production and sale of PCBs within 3 years.
1991 Anita Hill nails Clarence Thomas in his Supreme Court Nominee hearings. [It appears that what was once your "sordid office affairs", a source of much office gossip, has now become "sexual harassment", a source of some serious legal problems!].
1995 Receiving the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry are Paul Crutzen, Mario Molina, and F. Sherwood Rowland for their discoveries related to the ozone layer hole. [After checking out this report of their achievements, I have no quarrel with their awards, but I am greatly disturbed that we would ban CFC's at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars (and throw people in jail) based on studies that only says "CFCs,. . . could gradually be transported through normal air circulations to the stratosphere", ". . . ultraviolet light could break up the molecules, releasing chlorine, which catalyzes ozone destruction", and other assorted "coulds" (emphasis added).]
2002 Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (D) wins the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for what presenters cited as decades of work seeking peaceful solutions and promoting social and economic justice. Bush gang is criticized for its despotic ways.
2004 The New York Times reports that the Bush administration has spent $2.3 million on studies into whether intercessory prayer works to cure heart disease and cancer.
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Quote of
the Day
[I]t is far from clear whether 'good intentions plus stupidity' or 'evil intentions plus intelligence' have wrought more harm in the world.
    — Deitrich Dörner in his book, The Logic of Failure
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