Historical Political Events for October 17

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1963 Public Law 88154 authorizes the disposal of approximately 5,800,000 pounds of waterfowl feathers and down from the national stockpile.
1973 Arab oil ministers met in Kuwait and agreed to an oil embargo against Western countries. The price of oil doubled. In the US and Europe, long lines formed as people tried to buy fuel for their autos. Strangely, there was plenty of oil. The shortages were caused by political interference and hoarding -- mostly the former.
1978 President Carter signed a bill restoring U.S. citizenship to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who died in 1889.
1979 A bill creating the Department of Education, the 13th Cabinet-level agency, is signed by Pres. Carter (the Department of H.E.W. becomes the Department of Health and Human Services).
1986 $1.7 billion anti-drug bill passed. (the "Drug-Free America Act") Largest government financial commitment to combat drug abuse. Rhetoric of the "war on drugs" begins a massive escalation. So does the use of drugs.
1994 According to this week's Time magazine, a three-year, $300,000 study "has concluded that the effect of DARE's core curriculum - conducted by specially trained local police officers in 17 weekly, 45-to-60-min. sessions for fifth- and sixth-grade students - is statistically insignificant in preventing drug use among that group."
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (announced in the CBD): From the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/ Egypt: "TRAINING SERVICES, INTEGRATED ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAM (IELP)", AMT $24,675,628.00, TO Academy for Educational Development
2006 Bush signs "Torture bill" (Military Commissions Act {pdf} of 2006): President George W Bush (R) signed a law authorizing tough interrogation and prosecution of terrorism suspects and took an indirect, election-year swipe at Democrats who opposed the legislation. The law makes it legal for the C.I.A. to continue operating torture facilities in undisclosed, foreign countries, and for the writ of habeas corpus to be suspended for individuals who are designated "enemy combatants" against the U.S. The law also "establishes military tribunals that would allow some use of evidence obtained by coercion [that is, torture], but would give defendants access to classified evidence being used to convict them." (Reuters)
2006 Also, he signed the "Defense Authorization Act" which has a provision in it that makes it easy for him to take control (martial law) of the state's National Guard in "emergencies" per Senator Leahy. Many Democrats were complicit in getting the bill throught Congress. Modifies the "Insurrection Act of 1807". More here.
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Accept your fate as the stream accepts the stream bed. The bed forms the stream; the stream forms the bed.
    — William Markiewicz, in Extracts of Existence
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