Historical Political Events for October 24

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Year Event
1929 The Stock Market Crash begins. The Great Depression The Stock Market Crash and Beyond (Thanks to Natalie for this excellent link!)
1938 Wages and Hours Law became operative. It provided for minimum wages and maximum weekly hours in industries affecting interstate commerce; it also prohibited child labor. (The Encyclopedia of World History)
1940 The 40-hour workweek went into effect under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Did it help?
1945 Founding of the United Nations. A report card.
1978 President Carter (D) signs the Airline Deregulation Act. Airlines begin dropping non-profitable shorter routes and cut fares drastically for the longer routes.
1989 TV preacher, Jim Bakker sentenced for 45 years for swindling his followers out of millions of dollars.
1994 Time magazine reviews the new book, The Bell Curve, in which Charles Murray claims there is a difference in "cognitive ability" between the races. Mass hysteria ensues.
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From the US Navy (NAVFACENG): "EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTS OF HELICOPTER NOISE ON LEAST BELL'S VIREO", AMT $1,049,165.20 TO Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute and "EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTS OF HELICOPTER NOISE ON CALIFORNIA GNATCATCHERS", AMT $1,150,834.80 To Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute [two and a half million dollars worth of compassion from our warlike Navy Department! (-- Oh, just in the past but no more! --)]
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Quote of
the Day
As Americans we must always remember that we all have a common enemy, an enemy that is dangerous, powerful, and relentless. I refer, of course, to the federal government.
    — Dave Barry quote banned at Marquette University
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