Historical Political Events for October 26

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Year Event
1916 Margaret Sanger is arrested for distributing birth control information.
1970 The "Bank Secrecy Act" becomes law, requiring, among other things, that any transaction of over $10,000 be reported to the authorities by means of filling out a form. This law was later greatly enhanced by the so-called "money laundering" statutes, still being expanded to this date. Any financial transaction by a citizen is now very dangerous for a transaction of less than $10,000 can be considered to be illegal structuring!
1978 "ETHICS IN GOVERNMENT ACT", P.L. 95-521, signed into law. [Thank goodness. The word "ACT" -- as in a play -- is very appropriate here.]
1986 The "Anti-Drug Abuse Act" becomes law. This law allows the government to seize "substitute assets" in case the assets that actually committed the evil deeds have vamoosed.
1995 "Center for Science in the Public Interest" calls new fat substitute, Olestra, unsafe. Similar nonsense here.
1998 The 50-year-old border dispute between Ecuador and Peru that sent the nations to war in 1995 was resolved.
2001 President George W. Bush (R) signed a sweeping anti-terrorism bill into law, USA-PATRIOT Act, giving police and intelligence agencies vast new powers to "counter a threat like no other our nation has ever faced." It wasn't the "9/11" attackers that destroyed our freedoms. ["1984" just arrived again]
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