Historical Political Events for October 27

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1553 Michael Servetus burned at the stake for blasphemy. John Calvin justified it thusly, "A thief only deprived one of worldly goods. A murderer only threatened a mortal life. A heretic threatened the immortal soul. A responsible government, a Christian government had no alternative but to silence the heretic forever by executing him, thus protecting the community from the infinite danger he represented."
1659 William Robinson and Marmaduke Steven, two Quakers who came from England in 1656 to escape religious persecution, are executed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony for their religious beliefs.
1787 Federalist Papers begin publication.
1838 Missouri Governor Lillburn Boggs calls out the militia, ordering that Mormons be, "...exterminated or driven from the state." A massacre (Haunís Mill Massacre) follows with 17 Mormons killed and, 3 days later, the Mormons agree to forfeit all their property and to leave the state.
1970 The "COMPREHENSIVE DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AND CONTROL ACT", P.L. 91-513, one section of which was the "Continuing Criminal Enterprise Act" (CCE), and another is the "CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT", becomes law. [According to the principle author, Dr. Blakey, this horrible bill and the RICO bill were both offered in the hopes that at least one would pass. They both did!]
1978 President Carter (D) signs the Humphrey-Hawkins "FULL EMPLOYMENT AND Balanced GROWTH ACT ", P.L. 95-523, which set national goal of reducing unemployment to 4% by 1983, while reducing inflation to 3% in same period. Nice try.
1986 The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, P.L. 99-570, is passed. Penalties are more severe for recreational drug use now than for many brutal crimes. Mandatory sentences are invoked. Also included in this Public Law is the "MONEY LAUNDERING CONTROL ACT" which allows the government to monitor private financial transactions.
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Quote of
the Day
In my view, there are two powers only which are sufficient to control men, and secure the rights of individuals and a peaceable administration; these are the combined force of religion and law, and the force or fear of the bayonet.
    — Noah Webster, Christian Law Association web site
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