Historical Political Events for October 28

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Year Event
1861 The National Council of the Cherokee Nation, issued a "Declaration by the People of the Cherokee Nation of the Causes Which Have Impelled them to Unite Their Fortunes With Those of the Confederate States of America".
1919 The Prohibition Enforcement Act (also known as the Volstead Act) becomes law. This act enforces and expands the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, passed that same year, by prohibiting the manufacture, sale, transportation and consumption of alcohol.
1959 Turkey and the United States sign an agreement for the deployment of fifteen nuclear-tipped Jupiter missiles in Turkey. An attempt by the USSR to do a similar thing in Cuba resulted in the Cuban missile crisis.
1992 "ANNUNZIO-WYLIE ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING ACT", P.L. 102-550, becomes law -- protects bank snitches. Gives protection from civil liability to any financial institution, director, officer or employee who makes a suspicious transaction report under any federal, state or local law.
2000 The "New Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA) was signed by Clinton (D) on this date. Apparently the previous VAWA was not spending enough money to say nothing about getting votes in the 2000 election. That the VAWA has questionable constitutionality was of little concern.
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Quote of
the Day
Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.
    — Jonathan Swift, Thoughts on Various Subjects
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