Historical Political Events for October 29

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Year Event
1187 In response to the recapture of Jerusalem by the Muslims, Pope Gregory VIII issues the Bull Audita Tremendi calling for the Third Christian Crusade.
1899 South African (Boer) War: The first Canadian contingent was sent to South Africa; a second was sent in 1900. The official contingents were withdrawn before the end of the war, owing to dissatisfaction in Quebec. (The Encyclopedia of World History)
1929 "Black Tuesday" on Wall Street. Prices collapse at the New York Stock Exchange, possibly leading to the Great Depression of the 1930s. No doubt about it now -- the Stock Market has crashed!
1940 The first peacetime military draft in U.S. history begins with a lottery held this date. Forced registration for the draft commenced on October 16, 1940.
1956 Israel, acting in conjunction with Britain and France, invaded Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has been refusing to let Israeli ships use the Suez Canal.
1966 National Organization for Women (NOW) founded. [Not to be confused with the HBI]
1996 "Here is your life back". Richard Jewell, the FBI's suspect in the Atlanta Olympic Bombing, is told today he is no longer a suspect -- after the FBI and the news media have severely mangled his life.
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Quote of
the Day
The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.
    — Eric Hoffer, The True Believer
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