Historical Political Events for October 30

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Year Event
1970 Environmental Education Act becomes law, providing another outlet for federal funds while, relatively, doing little harm.
1975 New York City very nearly goes broke. Unable to meet its bond obligations, the city almost defaults on two billion dollars of commitments. Bailed out by the Federal government.
1990 "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act" of 1990 (P.L. 94-142) becomes law. It mandates that all children receive a free, appropriate public education regardless of the level or severity of their disability.
1997 San Jose Mercury News today reports on the indignities suffered by the National Park Service employees in having to live in $584,000 shacks stingily provided by the taxpayers. More at the Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law.
2005 A long-delayed apology from one of the accusers in the notorious McMartin Pre-School child sexual molestation case." ("McMartin Pre-Schooler: 'I Lied'", Kyle Zirpolo as told to Debbie Nathan, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Oct. 30)
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Quote of
the Day
The fact is that far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people do not like that statement, but few can argue it.
    — Kenneth V. Lanning, FBI Report on Occult Crime, Oct. 1989
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