Historical Political Events for October 6

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Year Event
1536 William Tyndale burned at the stake for heresy (he translated the bible).
1890 Mormons abolish polygamy.
1917 The "Trading with the Enemy Act" becomes law. It allowed the president to "prohibit, restrict, license or regulate" any transactions by citizens or corporations of the enemy countries operating within the U.S. during WWI. Unfortunately, Congress and the President forgot to revoke the act when the war was over! It was used by Roosevelt in 1933, for example, to make the holding of gold illegal. The act forms the basis for the "Emergency Powers Act" that is still used by presidents today.
1949 President Truman (D) signed the "Mutual Defense Assistance Act", appropriating more than 1 billion dollars for military aid primarily to members of NATO.
1973 THE YOM KIPPUR WAR (also called the October War and the Ramadan War) was launched by Egypt and Syria against Israel. The war came about largely as a result of Egyptian frustrations with Israel, which showed little desire for a formal peace settlement.
1981 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat assassinated.
1993 Hatch Act Revisions - revised a 1939 law that barred most federal employees from participating in partisan political activities. It allows most federal employees to endorse a candidate.
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (announced in the CBD): From the NIMA (NIMA? Where did they come from?!!): "GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION DEMONSTRATION", AMT $99,715,800 TO Raytheon E-Systems, $96,194,800 TO Harris Corporation, $59,999,800 TO SAIC, $109,065,100 TO Space Imaging, $14,017,700 TO Autometric Incorporated, $66,639,300 TO Intergraph Corporation. [Not bad for just a demonstration!]
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Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.
    — Oscar Wilde
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