Historical Political Events for November 10

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Year Event
1775 U.S. Marine Corps Established.
1898 Wilmington (North Carolina) has a severe race riot.
1919 The U.S. Supreme Court in Abrams v. United States (1919), the Court ruled that the federal government could suspend constitutional rights when the nation faced "a clear and present danger." [Which always seems to be the case!]
1964 Secretary of Defense McNamara, speaking at a news conference, says the United States has no plans to send combat units into Vietnam.
1978 "RIGHT TO FINANCIAL PRIVACY ACT OF 1978", P.L. 95-630, becomes law. This law allowed banks to monitor their own records and inform the government when there were suspicious transactions in an account, but prohibited them from telling the government the account number or account's owner. Effectively canceled by the "ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING ACT". [What did you expect?]
1988 The Department of Energy announced that Texas would be the home of a $4.4 billion atom-smashing Super Collider. However, as projected costs soared up to $30 billion, Congress voted in October 1993 to kill the project.
1988 Omnibus Taxpayer Bill of Rights, P.L. 100-647, becomes law. Revised in 1996.
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From the US Navy (NAVFACENG): "AWARD OF AN INDEFINITE QUANTITY, COST PLUS AWARD FEE CONTRACT FOR COMPREHENSIVE LONG-TERM ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION NAVY (CLEAN III) ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES FOR THE WESTERN UNITED STATES.", AMT $150,000,000.00, TO Bechtel Environmental, Inc. (BEI). [It is so heartwarming to see how our U.S. Navy has given up on it warlike ways and now only cares about the environment and an occasional "Tailhook party".]
2005 The Federal Debt passed through the $8,000,000,000,000 mark on or about this date. Under Bush's (R) regime the debt increased almost $4,000,000,000,000 (4 trillion dollars) or double the increase from the beginning of the U.S.A. to 1986!
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Quote of
the Day
Now I'm liberated from having to constantly come in here every day and try to buck up a bunch of people who don't deserve it, to try to carry the water and make excuses for people who don't deserve it. I did not want to sit here and participate, willingly, in the victory of the libs, in the victory of the Democrat Party by sabotaging my own. But now with what has happened yesterday and today, it is an entirely liberating thing. . . There have been a bunch of things going on in Congress, some of this legislation coming out of there that I have just cringed at, . .
    — Rush Limbaugh (11/8/06), basically admitting he has been lying for his party
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