Historical Political Events for November 15

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Year Event
1598 Don Juan Oņate declared possession of Hopi land (in what is now northern Arizona) in the name of the Spanish crown.
1777 Articles of Confederation are adopted by Congress and presented to the states for ratification.
1969 In the second Vietnam Moratorium, 250,000 war protesters marched in Washington, D.C., and about 100,000 in San Francisco.
1990 The Senate Ethics Committee opened hearings on the activities of the "Keating Five" -- a group of senators who had interceded on behalf of Charles Keating of corrupt "Savings and Loan" fame. [Why, Senator McCain (R), what are you doing in there?] Much more online at the NY Times.
1990 "Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990" signed into law by President Bush (R). By the year 2000 annual spending by the USA on ozone control will approach $25 billion.
1995 President Clinton (D) begins sexual relationship with Lewinsky.
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