Historical Political Events for November 19

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Year Event
1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address. Some say it was strong on poetry, but maybe weak on facts.
1874 William Marcy "Boss" Tweed, of Tammany Hall (NYC) convicted of defrauding New York City of $6M, sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment.
1945 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials commence on this date and continue until October 1, 1946. This trial established once and for all that subordinates are responsible for their own actions even if they are ordered to do those actions by their superiors. [Not that anyone in the military actually believes that :( ]
1990 Leaders of NATO and the Warsaw Pact marked the end of the Cold War when they signed the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe
1996 The government has agreed to pay $4.8 million for conducting Cold War-era radiation experiments on unwitting victims, the Energy Department said today.
1997 The "Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997" was signed by President Clinton (D), becoming Public Law 105-89 (HR 327, amending HR 867). State agencies now have a financial incentive to separate children from their parents and put them up for adoption. The reward can be as much as $4,000.
2001 President Bush (R) Signs Aviation Security Legislation. The federal government has officially assumed responsibility for all airport security. The birth of the monster, TSA!
2002 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the FBO): Issued by the Air Force Materiel Command, AFRL:"Terrorism Knowledge Base", AMT $9,893,161.00, TO Cycorp, Inc 3721 Executive Drive Austin TX 78731-1615
2004 National Debt Limit (Ha!) was increased from $7,384 billion to $8,184 billion by P.L. 108-415, 118 Stat. 2337.
2005 In what is being viewed as the gravest allegation to date of war crimes in Iraq, Time Magazine has reported that a small group of U. S. troops (Marines) shot dead 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians, including five men in a taxi, and women and children at homes in the town. Other marines then tried to cover up the killings, the investigation has found.
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