Historical Political Events for December 10

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Year Event
1817 The state of Mississippi is admitted to the Union.
1869 Wyoming is the first US state to grant women the right to vote. The act to grant suffrage to women was signed into law by Governor A.J. Campbell.
1898 A treaty was signed in Paris officially ending the Spanish-American War; the U.S. is given Cuba, Puerto Rico and other West Indian Islands, Guam and the Philippines. [The countries taken did not yet have a vote on the matter.]
1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the U.N.
1966 The first of hundreds of thousands of asbestos products lawsuits was filed in Beaumont, Texas, by attorney Ward Stephenson on behalf of his client, Claude Tomplait. Many lawsuits followed resulting in driving asbestos manufacturer Johns-Manville and others into bankruptcy and EPA directed removal costs now exceeding $50 billion. Are we victims of junk science and lawyer greed again? What is the real hazard?
1990 A stand-in for Mikhail Gorbachev accepts the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize, announced on Oct. 15, 1990.
2002 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase gleaned from the FBO): Issued by the Air Force Materiel Command, AFRL: "Awareness-Enabled Coordination", AMT $5,233,690.00 TO Telcordia Technologies, Inc. Telcordia 445 South Street Morristown NJ 07960-6438. [Yessiree, the Air Farce could certainly use a little Awareness . . . whatever!]
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