Historical Political Events for December 2

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Year Event
1823 The Monroe Doctrine enunciated by President Monroe in his annual message to Congress this date states a nationalistic determination to oppose any European influence in the Western Hemisphere and to remain aloof from European conflicts.
1859 John Brown is convicted of treason for his armed attack on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. He goes to the gallows unrepentant, convinced that his plan to seize federal arms and arm Negro slaves in order to lead an uprising against slavery was ordained by God.
1942 The Nuclear Age begins: in a squash court beneath the University of Chicago's Stagg Field, a group of researchers led by Enrico Fermi achieved the world's first self-sustaining fission reaction.
1956 Fidel Castro and his followers land in Cuba and, after an initial setback, begin a campaign of guerrilla war, aiming to overthrow General Fulgencio Batista's government.
1957 The first large-scale nuclear power plant starts up at Shippingport, Pennsylvania, supplying electricity to Pittsburgh area.
1970 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created.
1983 Basque terrorists bombed eight U.S. facilities in Spanish Basque territory to protest U.S. involvement in Central America.
1989 The U.S. president George Bush (R) and the Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev formally declare the Cold War to be at an end. (From The Encarta® 2000 New World Timeline)
1996 Special Action Committee on Okinawa (SACO) final report recommends, among other things, that Futenma Marine Corps Air Station, located in central Okinawa and entirely surrounded by the city of Ginowan, be closed in 5 to 7 years (which Clinton agreed to in April). Don't hold your breath; as of 2004, the date for any such closing is at least 16 years away.
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Quote of
the Day
For 45 years of the Cold War we were in an arms race with the Soviet Union. Now it appears we're in an arms race with ourselves.
    — Admiral Eugene Carroll, Jr., U.S. Navy, Vice President Emeritus Center for Defense Information [43% of world military spending is by the US. China is #2 at 7%]
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