Historical Political Events for December 27

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Year Event
1763 A troop of 50 armed men entered the Workhouse at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and hacked to death the only 14 surviving Conestoga Indians (the rest of the tribe having been similarly dispensed with 13 days earlier).
1899 Carry Nation attacks her first saloon. The seeds of prohibition are planted. The harvest will not be pretty.
1945 In the aftermath of World War II, foreign ministers from the former Allied nations of the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain agree to divide Korea into two separate occupation zones and govern the nation for five years.
1974 During a Christmas party held to honor the U.S. ambassador, FSLN guerrillas stormed in and took 40 hostages, including high-ranking officials. The raid brought worldwide recognition to the FSLN. Somoza announced a state of siege, leading to brutal repression in rural areas.
1978 King Juan Carlos ratified Spain's first democratic constitution.
1979 President Carter (D) signs the "JUSTICE SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT ACT", which is a major step forward in making the prison business more profitable.
1989 Egypt and Syria resumed full diplomatic relations.
1991 Amid strained U.S.-Philippine relations, the Philippine government orders the United States to close its Subic Bay naval base near Manila by January 12, 1992.
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Quote of
the Day
If you say, "Would there were no wine" because of the drunkards, then you must say, going on by degrees, "Would there were no steel," because of the murderers, "Would there were no night," because of the thieves, "Would there were no light," because of the informers, and "Would there were no women," because of adultery.
    — St. John Chrysostom: Homilies, c.388
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