Historical Political Events for February 16

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Year Event
1833 The U.S. Supreme Court, in Barron v. Baltimore, rules that the states are not bound by the Bill of Rights.
1938 A revised "Agricultural Adjustment Act" eases restriction on planting most crops, even providing for lime and mineral fertilizer supplies to farmers. Establishes the Commodity Credit Corporation, farm price supports, and other subsidies.
1956 Britain abolishes the death penalty.
1959 Fidel Castro sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba.
1998 The National Law Journal reports that infertility is judged to be a "disability" under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The article states that, "In her May 5, 1997, ruling, Judge Conlon said infertility is a 'physiological disorder of the reproductive system' under the Americans With Disabilities Act because it 'substantially limits [a] major life activity.' Bielicki v. City of Chicago, 97 C 1471 (N.D. Ill.).
2001 Bush (R) decides it is OK to bomb Iraq outside of the "no-fly zone".
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Quote of
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Since early 2003, Jarek Molski has filed more than 350 lawsuits against restaurants, wineries, bowling alleys, banks and assorted retail establishments that he alleges have failed to remove barriers to disabled access as required by federal law. . . . According to attorneys for businesses sued by Molski, he has pocketed an average of $4,000 a case from settlements, . . . and extrapolating from those numbers, Molski would have had a total income since 2003 of $770,000 -- not bad for someone without a job.
    — L. A. Times, 4 Oct 02
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