Historical Political Events for February 25

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Year Event
1643 The "Pavonia Massacre" occurred this date. New Amsterdam citizens, led by Maryn Adriaensen, attack a peaceful Wecquaesgeek village near the Pavonia settlements (near modern-day Jersey City). The Dutch soldiers will kill not only the warriors, but all of the 80 Indians in the camp, including women and children.
1862 Bureau of Engraving and Printing established
1913 The 16th Amendment, creating the Income Tax, is ratified by the states.
1986 At the 27th Congress of the Communist Party, Soviet Party Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev demands reforms and announces plans for radical changes in economic policy. The beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.
1987 In United States v. Paradise, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the forced use of strict hiring quotas for the State of Alabama Department of Public Safety.
1989 President Bush (R) holds commerce talks in China with their leader, Deng Xiaoping. [What the heck, bombing Communists is not the only way to make money, buying and selling their stuff can be nearly as profitible.] Human rights issues were carefully avoided.
1991 Iraqi Scud Missile Hits U.S. Barracks -- kills 28 soldiers.
1994 Hebron Massacre took place on this date when an American trained physician, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, stormed in on a group of prayers in the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron and opened fire on them resulting in 60 dead, 300 wounded.
1997 The Federation of American Scientists (FAS), through its newsletter, The Arm Sales Monitor, reports that in 1995, the USA gave away or sold at reduced cost (or subsidized) about $16 Billion worth of arms to third-world countries. A detailed list by country and date is online. According to FAS, "Since 1990, the United States has exported more than $152 billion of weapons to states around the world. Many of these sales have been to repressive and/or unstable governments." [Hey, we have to dump the old stuff so we can buy more new stuff!]
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I'm a registered Republican and consider socialism a violation of the American principle that you shouldn't stick your nose in other people's business except to make a buck.
    — O'Rourke, P.J. (1987), Republican Party Reptile. The confessions, adventures, essays and (other) outrages of P.J. O'Rourke.
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