Historical Political Events for February 6

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Year Event
1412 Joan of Arc was born Jeanette d'Arc in the French village of Domrémy.
1778 France and the American Colonists sign a treaty making France an ally with America in the American Revolution.
1788 Massachusetts joins the Union.
1899 The Treaty of Paris was ratified and the Spanish-American War formally comes to an end.
1912 New Mexico became the 47th state of the US.
1982 President Reagan (R) submits a budget proposal asking for deep slashes in domestic spending and an 18% increase in the defense budget.
1997 The Clinton Administration released its FY 1998 military budget. The President is requesting $265 Billion for the Department of Defense and other agencies. According to the Center for Defense Information, this budget is 5 1/2 times that of the 2nd largest spender, Russia, and is nearly 18 times as large as the combined spending of the 7 countries labeled by the Pentagon as our most likely adversaries! [But wait! We are saved -- the Anti-Big-Government, Fiscally-Responsible, Ethically-Superior Republicans are coming in!]
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Quote of
the Day
When it comes to war and adultery, make-believe may be better than the real thing. Certainly, it is safer.
    — Bill Bonner, "The Good War"
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