Historical Political Events for February 9

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1598 The English Parliament is dissolved, having enacted a Poor Law statutes whose basic tenets are followed until 1834. Parish tithes for the relief of destitution through the institution of workhouses and the appointment of "Guardians of the Poor" complement regularized punishments for “undeserving” so-called “Sturdy Beggars.” (The Encarta® 2000 New World Timeline © Copyright 1998, Helicon Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.) [Modern efforts to solve this ancient problem have proven to be disastrous.]
1769 To discipline recalcitrant Americans, the British Parliament reinstates a statute that sanctions the removal of colonial treason trials to England.
1861 Jefferson Davis is elected the Provisional President of the Confederate States of America by the Confederate convention at Montgomery, Alabama.
1909 The first national legislation designed to regulate narcotics distribution, the 1909 "Act to Prohibit Importation and Use Of Opium" barred the importation of opium at other than specified ports and for other than medicinal use.
1942 Daylight-saving time goes into effect in the United States.
1950 In a speech at Wheeling, West Virginia, Senator Joseph McCarthy (R) begins his campaign to roust the Communists from the US.
2007 Brave whistleblower's (former employees) comes to naught -- Iraq contractor gets off scott free. A federal judge has dismissed a civil case against Custer Battles, a military contractor, accused of improperly billing Iraq reconstruction authorities for tens of millions of dollars worth of security services that it did not provide. Charles Tiefer, a government-contracting professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, said the judge's ruling "means that taxpayers are going to have great trouble recovering any of the money lost by contractor abuses in Iraq."
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Quote of
the Day
[Our situation] illustrates the American idea that governments rest on the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established.
    — Jefferson Davis (1808-1889)
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