Historical Political Events for March 11

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1824 The Bureau of Indian Affairs is created by Secretary of War John C. Calhoun. The first head of the Bureau is Thomas L. McKenney.
1917 British General Stanley Maude issues a proclamation after the conquest of Baghdad, that promises, "Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators." Right.
1941 The Lend-Lease Act, in which the purpose is to provide supplies for nations fighting the Axis powers, is passed by Congress and signed by President Roosevelt.
1985 Mikhail Gorbachev is named first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party. He calls for more glasnost (“openness”) in Soviet life and later pursues a policy of perestroika (“reconstruction”). (From the Encarta® 2000 New World Timeline © Copyright 1998, Helicon Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.)
1989 US Treasury Secretary Brady (R) announces a new American policy to relieve the burden of debt on Third World Countries. No mention of what to do with the massive debt of the Numero Uno country.
1993 Janet Reno was unanimously confirmed by the Senate to be the nation's first female attorney general. She will be remembered for the Waco massacre.
2004 Spain: Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade claims responsibility for 4 bombs on Madrid trains, killing 198, wounding 600.
2012 An American soldier walked off his base in a remote southern Afghan village shortly before dawn Sunday and opened fire on civilians inside their homes, killing at least 16, including nine children, Afghan officials said. Remorse is for sissies, I suppose.
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Quote of
the Day
I think things have gotten so bad inside Iraq from the standpoint of the Iraqi people, my belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.
    — Vice President Cheney to Tim Russert, 3/16/2003
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