Historical Political Events for March 13

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1925 Tennessee passes a law banning the teaching of the Theory of Evolution in schools. The violation of this law by schoolteacher John T. Scopes resulted in the famous "Monkey Trial".
1964 38 people watched and listened as Queens, New York,resident Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in the courtyard of her apartment complex. Though she screamed for help for an hour and a half, no one called the police until the attack was over. This event is an example of the phenomenon called, "The Volunteer's Dilemma", in which each person waits for someone else to volunteer.
1967 In Katz v. United States, 386 U.S. 954, the Supreme Court rules that people's right to be free of unreasonable searches includes protection against electronic surveillance.
1967 In Klopfer v. North Carolina, 386 U.S. 213, the Supreme Court rules that the right to a speedy trial applies to state trials.
1984 The first of several mines in Nicaraguan harbors, planted by U.S. agents, detonated. The measure proved to be a major blunder by the Reagan (R) administration, drawing international condemnation. See Buckley, William F. A Mess in Nicaragua: CIA Mining of Harbors. National Review, May 18, 1984, v. 36, p. 54-55.
1989 President Bush (R) appoints Richard Cheney as his new Defense Secretary. [Uh oh. . .]
1998 Canada legalized the growing of industrial hemp.
2002 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase: From the MIT News: "Army selects MIT for $50 million institute to use nanomaterials to clothe, equip soldiers. The United States Army has selected MIT to create lightweight molecular materials to equip foot soldiers of the future with uniforms and gear that can heal them, shield them, protect them against chemical and biological warfare and jump over 20 foot walls." [I am not making this up!]
2008 Gold surpasses $1000 per ounce and oil passes $110 per barrel. The passengers of the Titanic have another drink.
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Quote of
the Day
The American political system is essentially a contract between the Republican and Democratic parties, enforced by federal and state two-party laws, all designed to guarantee the survival of both no matter how many people despise or ignore them.
    — Richard Reeves
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