Historical Political Events for March 8

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1782 The Gnadenhutten Massacre. 160 American volunteers from Washington County, Pennsylvania under the command of Col. David Williamson, attack the neutral Moravian mission town of Gnadenhutten, killing 90 Christian Delaware - men, women, and over 30 children - and burning the mission church. The survivors flee to Canada.
1917 Russia's "February Revolution" (so-called because of the Old Style calendar being used by Russians at the time) began with rioting and strikes in St. Petersburg.
1948 In the landmark case of McCollum v. Board of Educ., 333 U.S. 38 (1948), the U.S. Supreme Court held that religious instruction in public schools is unconstitutional.
1948 In re Oliver, 333 U.S. 257, the Supreme Court rules that defendants have the right to public trial in non-federal trials.
1964 U.S. defense secretary Robert McNamara, leading a fact-finding mission, declared that the U.S. would aid Vietnam as long as necessary to defeat the Viet Cong.
1965 First US combat forces arrive in Vietnam. Invasion by 3500 U.S. Marines commences at DaNang.
1995 President Clinton (D) issued Executive Order 12954, authorizing debarment of federal contractors who hire permanent striker replacements. He didn't consult the Constitution.
1998 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command: "CONSOLIDATED THEATER TARGETS SERVICES PROGRAM", AMT $879,696,169, TO Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space AND, $958,816,906, TO Coleman Research Corporation AND MORE, $1,117,528,902 TO Orbital Sciences Corporation
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I wouldn't call it fascism exactly, but a political system nominally controlled by an irresponsible, dumbed down electorate who are manipulated by dishonest, cynical, controlled mass media that dispense the propaganda of a corrupt political establishment can hardly be described as democracy either.
    — Edward Zehr
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