Historical Political Events for April 13

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1743 Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US president (1801-1809), born this date. Died Jul 4, 1826 (at age 83).
1917 President Woodrow Wilson created the Committee on Public Information to promote the war via propaganda, to censor newspapers and magazines, and eventually cheer on violent suppression of dissenters.
1919 THE AMRITSAR MASSACRE. Gen. Reginald Dyer, aiming to terrorize the populace, ordered his Gurkha troops to fire on an unarmed assembly caught inside a walled garden until their ammunition was exhausted; 379 persons were killed and 1,200 left wounded.
1928 Frank B. Kellogg, U.S. secretary of state, submitted a plan for the renunciation of war to the Locarno powers. ". . . Parties agree that the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means." [Mr. Kellogg did not make clear that this agreement did in no way include the U.S.!]
1966 The "Uniform Time Act" becomes law. Establishes uniform observance of "Daylight Saving Time" on a state by state basis. [Now that it has successfully modified "time", Congress sees no reason why other so-called "laws of nature" cannot be modified to conform to political purposes -- "global warming" being the best known example.]
1976 President Ford (R) signs legislation, this date, to extend U.S. jurisdiction over fishing rights to 200 miles offshore, effective March 1, 1977, and to ban fishing of 14 species unless they are shown to be in surpluses beyond the capacity of the U.S. fishing fleet. (Quoted from The People's Chronology,from Henry Holt and Company, Inc. Copyright 1995, 1996 by James Trager. All rights reserved.)
1993 Iraq allegedly makes a bungled attempt to assassinate former President Bush (R) while he is visiting Kuwait. Apparently, Bush II (R) has yet to get over it. Or maybe the whole story is just more Bush horse-pucky.
2000 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (announced in the CBD). From the Air Force: "A MATHEMATICAL BASIS FOR REASONING ABOUT SYSTEMS", $1,346,005.00 TO Trusted Information Systems, Inc. 3060 Washington Road, Route 97 Glenwood MD 21738. [Now that is something we need! Hopefully the study results will be shared with Congress who funds this kind of nonsense]
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Quote of
the Day
As the "Gross Domestic Product" more than doubled in the last 30 years, the number of Americans describing themselves as "very happy" declined by 5 percent, which means that about 14 million fewer people report being very happy today than in 1974. And, as a recent study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association indicates, the rate of serious clinical depression has more than tripled over the last two generations, and increased by perhaps a factor of 10 from 1900 to 2000.
    — Barry Schwartz, "The Tyranny of Choice", Scientific American, April, 2004 [Also in Chronicle of Higher Education]
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