Historical Political Events for April 15

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Year Event
1939 The danger of a German-Polish conflict led to President Roosevelt's telegrams to Mussolini and Hitler asking for assurances that they would refrain from aggression against 31 named nations. One man's view as to why he did it is here.
1969 US Navy EC-121 war plane with crew of 30 (all killed) shot down by North Korean fighters.
1979 CFC ban goes into effect. A government ban on virtually all aerosol products containing fluorocarbons (Freon) went into effect this date. Could it be that the legislation was based on Junk Science?
1986 The United States launched an air raid against Libya in response to the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin on April 5th; Libya says 37 people, mostly civilians, were killed. More than 60 tons of ordnance was launched against Libya.
1988 Soviet troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan. The withdrawal was completed in February 1989.
1995 McNamara publishes memoirs, In Retrospect, in which he admits the Vietnam war was wrong. Related event.
1997 Income Tax payment deadline is today in the USA! Either pay or be severely punished.
1998 Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge tyrannical leader of the late-1970s, died. His infamous reign sponsored the extermination of between one and two million Cambodian citizens who were either massacred or worked to death in forced labor camps.
2003 Officials in US and Britain declare that the Iraq war is over.
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