Historical Political Events for April 3

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Year Event
1860 The Pony Express is started between St. Joseph, MO, and Sacramento, CA. Postage is $2 to $10 per ounce!
1866 In "Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 1 (1866)", The Supreme Court set limits to the authority of martial law and to suspension of habeas corpus in time of war after flagrant abuse by Lincoln in the U.S. "War Between the States", this date. Justice Davis delivered the opinion of the court on Dec. 17.
1948 President Truman (D) signs the "Economic Cooperation Act" which implements the Marshall Plan. Secretary of State George C. Marshall had proposed the idea of financial help to the war-torn European nations on 5 June 1947.
1961 Washington, D.C. residents are given the right to vote for President and VP by the enactment of the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution.
1996 Commerce Department secretary Ron Brown died with 34 others on a trade mission to Bosnia when their Air Force plane crashed. His son carries on the family traditions.
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Quote of
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The Duc de Rochefoucault, I believe, said truly, that "many would be cowards if they dared."
    — Lady Delacour, in Maria Edgeworth, Belinda, Chapter IV
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