Historical Political Events for April 30

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Year Event
1789 George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States.
1798 The Department of the Navy is established by Congress.
1803 Louisiana Purchase Treaty signed.
1812 The state of Louisiana is admitted to the Union.
1894 Jacob Coxey form's "Coxey's Army" and marches on Washington demanding that the government bring relief from the depression. [The cure is often worse than the disease.]
1945 Adolf Hitler commits suicide in Berlin as Soviet forces capture the city.
1948 The Organization of American States (OAS) is established. Members pledge to resist outside aggressions and the intervention of one state into the affairs of another is outlawed. Ha.
1975 The Fall of Saigon -- American troops abandon Vietnam allies to their fate and evacuate rapidly from Saigon. Related event (McNamara admits the war was all wrong. Surprised?)
1992 The U.S. eased its 28-year economic embargo on Vietnam.
1993 World Wide Web (WWW) born today. On this day, CERN contributed the technologies underpinning the World Wide Web to the royalty-free public domain.
1995 President Clinton (D) put an end to all U.S. trade with Iran, citing the country's record of terrorism and its acquisition of nuclear power as the reasons.
1999 President Clinton (D) declares May 1 to be "National Law Day". [Instead of a "Nation of Law", we have become a "Nation of Laws" -- there is a difference.]
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Quote of
the Day
The subtitle of the book is The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam. Now, if you don't accept it as a tragedy, then presumably there aren't lessons to be learned to prevent a similar occurrence in the future. Some people don't think it was a tragedy. . . .

    — Robert McNamara, Interview April 16, 1996
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