Historical Political Events for April 7

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Year Event
1795 Adoption of the metric system of standardized weights and measures throughout France, which assisted in trade between regions.
1922 This date marks the beginning of the "Teapot Dome Scandal" by the lease of the oil reserves to a private company, without competitive bids, by the Secretary of the Interior, Albert B. Fall.
1933 Prohibition ends -- well, a little anyway. Not completely ended until December 5, 1933. The disastrous experiment fails to be noted by modern politicians, however.
1948 The U.N. established the World Health Organization (WHO).
1969 The U.S. Supreme Court, in "Stanley v. Georgia", declares laws that prohibit the private possession of obscene materials to be unconstitutional.
1999 The human rights group Privacy International presented the first annual "Big Brother" awards to the government and private sector organizations which have done the most to invade personal privacy in the United States. Some winners: FBI for "Lifetime Menace" (Ron Paul's "A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT"), Representative Bill McCollum for the "Worst Public Official" and the FDIC's 'Know Your Customer' for the Most Invasive Proposal.
1999 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (announced in the CBD): From the U.S. Department of Justice: "CONTRACTOR OWNED AND OPERATED CORRECTIONAL FACILITY", AMT $99,568,647.15, TO Cornell Corrections, Inc. 4801 Woodway, Suite 100E, Houston, TX 77056 [The incarceration of Americans has become one of the hottest industries on Wall Street!]
2000 Social Security Earnings Test Ended. Americans age 65 through 69 will now be able to earn as much money as they want without losing Social Security benefits under this bill signed by President Clinton (D) repealing a Depression-era penalty.
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Quote of
the Day
. . . it would be a dangerous delusion were a confidence in the men of our choice to silence our fears for the safety of our rights; that confidence is every where the parent of despotism. . .
    — Thomas Jefferson in "Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and 1799"
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