Historical Political Events for May 15

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Year Event
1702 War of Spanish Succession, first American conflict between England & France.
1765 The Quartering Act became law in the American colonies. It required colonists to provide barracks and supplies for British troops. Just another example of taxation without representation to the colonists.
1846 England's "Corn Laws" are repealed. The original purpose of these trade protection laws was to make sure the poor had food but eventually the laws degenerated into protection of the producers of the corn (grain).
1862 Department of Agriculture created.
1911 The U.S. Supreme Court orders the breakup of Standard Oil into 34 different companies. History repeats.
1928 The Flood Control Act, passed by Congress, provides an estimated $325,000,000 for levee work on the lower Mississippi river.
1939 In United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174, the Supreme Court rules that National Firearms Act of 1934 does not violate the Second Amendment.
1970 Two Jackson State College students killed by police while protesting the Vietnam War.
1972 George Wallace, Alabama Governor, is shot by Arthur Bremer, in an attempted assassination.
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Quote of
the Day
A panhandler is far more moral than corporate welfare queens....The panhandler doesn't enlist anyone to force you to give him money. He's coming up to you and saying, 'Will you help me out?' The farmers, when they want subsidies, they're not asking for a voluntary transaction. They go to a congressman and say, 'Could you take his money and give it to us?' That's immoral.
    — Walter Williams, ABC special "Freeloaders"
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