Historical Political Events for May 17

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1873 US forces land in Panama {pdf}, May 17-22, to protect American interests during hostility between local factions and the Colombian government.
1954 "Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas", decided this date, was one of the most important cases in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. This decision guaranteed Blacks equal access to educational facilities.
1980 In Miami, an all white jury acquits four white ex-policemen accused of beating a black man to death. Riots in the ghetto leaves 14 people dead.
1987 The USS Stark is damaged in an Iraqi missile attack, killing 37 crew members. Iraq apologizes and says that the attack was a mistake.
1999 The Supreme Court, in SAENZ v. ROE (98-97), held that states cannot limit welfare benefits to new residents just because they moved there, to improve their take, from a state with relatively poor welfare benefits. The decision won praise from advocates for the poor, including the ACLU Foundation of Southern California, which had represented the families moving to California from lower-income states.
2010 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase: CACI is awarded a contract of up to $1.5 billion to support the United States Special Operations Commandís (USSOCOM) Global Battlestaff and Program Support (GBPS) effort. The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract has a ceiling value of $1.5 billion and a period of performance that consists of a three-year base period and a two-year option period.
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Quote of
the Day
We've never considered them [the Iraqis] hostile at all. They've never been in any way hostile... And the villain in the piece is Iran.
    — President Ronald Reagan (R) [No, Ron is not confused -- it's just that at that time Saddam was a good buddy -- so Iran was to blame]
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