Historical Political Events for May 20

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Year Event
1777 Cherokee Indians ceded all their lands in South Carolina in the treaty of "DeWitts Corner".
1861 The North Carolina legislature votes to secede from the Union.
1862 The Homestead Act is passed by Congress. Gives 160 acres of land in the West free to homesteaders if they will stay and improve it for 5 years.
1895 The income tax was declared unconstitutional in the case of Pollock v. Farmers Loan and Trust Co., causing much criticism. An income tax was declared a direct tax, which, in accordance with the Constitution, must be apportioned among the states in proportion to population. (The Encyclopedia of World History)
1940 In Cantwell v. Connecticut, 310 U.S. 296, the Supreme Court rules that the free exercise of religion is protected against restrictive state laws.
1957 Castro appealed to the U.S. to stop sending arms to the dictator, Batista.
1968 In Duncan v. Louisiana, 391 U.S. 145, the Supreme Court rules that the right to a jury trial in criminal cases applies to state trials.
1993 Voter Registration - the so-called motor-voter bill is signed by President Clinton (D), making it easier for uninformed, unmotivated, citizens to vote. It requires states to allow eligible citizens to register to vote when they apply for or renew their driverís license; states must also permit registration by mail and must make forms available at certain locations.
1997 Esequiel "Zeke" Hernandez, while tending his animals near the Texas/Mexico border, is shot dead by U.S Marines, on duty defending our country against drug dealers.
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The Government is my shepherd, I shall not work. It maketh me to lie down on good jobs. It leadeth me beside the still factories. It destroyeth my initiative; It leadeth me in the paths of the parasite for politics sake; Yea, though I walk in the valley of Deficit Spending, I will fear no evil, For the Government is with me; its doles and its vote-getters they comfort me. It prepareth an Economic Utopia for me by appropriating the earnings of my grandchildren. It filleth my head with baloney, my inefficiency runneth over; Surely the Government shall care for me all the days of my life And I shall live in a Fool's Paradise forever. Amen

    — Author Unknown
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