Historical Political Events for May 23

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Year Event
1618 The beginning of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) which ravaged Germany.
1788 South Carolina is admitted as the 8th U.S. state.
1838 General Winfield Scott ordered the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians from the East to the "Indian Nation" (what is now Oklahoma). Approximately one forth of the 10,000 died on this cruel march called "The Trail of Tears".
1903 The first direct primary election law in US was adopted by Wisconsin.
1949 Federal Republic of Germany Proclaimed.
1956 Congress passes an agriculture act (Soil Bank Act(PL 70-540)) that authorizes the government to pay farmers for not raising corn, wheat, peanuts, cotton, tobacco, and rice. Do you qualify?
2000 President Clinton (D) issues Executive Order (EO) #13157 that requires that at least 5 percent of all federal procurements go to women owned business {pdf} (regardless of whether they are the best or most efficient for the job or even qualified at all). Of course, this is not a "quota" as "quotas" are not used to enforce "equal opportunity". EO's are used by some presidents to bypass the legislative process in invoking new laws.
2003 U.S. Congress passes Bush's $350 billion tax cut plan. National debt spirals out of control.
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Quote of
the Day
Nationwide, the federal government has paid at least $1.3 billion in subsidies for rice and other crops since 2000 to individuals who do no farming at all. . . Some of them collect hundreds of thousands of dollars without planting a seed. Mary Anna Hudson, 87, from the River Oaks neighborhood in Houston, has received $191,000 over the past decade. For Houston surgeon Jimmy Frank Howell, the total was $490,709.
    — Washington Post, 7/2/06, "Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm"
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