Historical Political Events for June 10

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Year Event
1692 The first of 19 people, 14 women and 5 men, were hanged at Salem at the end of the hysterical witch-hunt trials. This event in history illustrates the importance of the "Rule of law" and the danger of relying on public opinion/hysteria in the determination of guilt -- as is still practiced today! Just change the word "witch" to "terrorist" and eliminate the trial (the government decides who is and who is not a "terrorist" -- no trial needed).
1805 Peace treaty with Libya, signed this date, allowed the United States to ransom 200 prisoners, but avoided the payment of increased tribute.
1826 Massacre of the Janissaries: Over 20,000 killed.
1898 U.S. Marines invade Cuba's Guantanamo Bay June 10; 623 men and 24 officers go ashore. We are still there! (From The People's Chronology, licensed from Henry Holt and Company, Inc. Copyright © 1995, 1996 by James Trager. All rights reserved.)
1921 The National Budget and Accounting Act is passed by Congress. It establishes the Bureau of the Budget and requires the Executive Branch to prepare an annual budget.
1934 Congress creates the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to supervise the U.S. telephone, telegraph, and radio industries.
1940 President Roosevelt (D) says US switching from "neutrality" to "non-belligerency", meaning US will now support the Allies without itself going to war against the Axis. And while we play with words, Italy declares war on Britain and France falls to Germany on June 22.
1999 The U.S. Supreme Court, in CHICAGO v. MORALES (97-1121), that throwing citizens in jail because they "loiter", defined as “to remain in any one place with no apparent purpose” was too vague for justice even in the "Land of the Free".
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Quote of
the Day
Governments will always misuse the machinery of the law as far as the state of public opinion permits.
    — Emile Capouya
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