Historical Political Events for June 3

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Year Event
1539 Hernando De Soto claims Florida for Spain.
1645 The General Court of Plymouth Colony passed an act that outlined the punishment for fornication. Every person who committed fornication was to be imprisoned for up to three days and either whipped or fined ten pounds.
1808 Jefferson Davis, President of The Confederate States of America (1861-65), born this date. He died Dec 6, 1889.
1918 The Supreme Court rules that the "Owen-Keating Child Labor Law of 1916" is an unconstitutional encroachment on states' rights, in the case of Hammer v. Dagenhart. Overruled in U.S. v. Darby, 312 U.S. 100 (1941).
1957 The Supreme Court rules, in "UNITED STATES v. DU PONT & CO., 353 U.S. 586 (1957)", that E. I. du Pont's 23 percent ownership of General Motors stock creates conditions that violate the antitrust laws and orders Du Pont to divest itself of all of it.
1961 Clarence Gideon is arrested and charged with breaking into a poolroom in Florida. The US Supreme Court in "Gideon v. Wainwright" {pdf}, the right to an attorney would be established as one of the chief principles of American criminal justice as a result of the appeal of Gideon's subsequent conviction. Due to Gideon's perseverance, every criminal suspect is now entitled to representation by a lawyer.
1999 President Clinton (D) issues Executive Order (EO) #13123 {pdf} that requires that Federal Agencies expand their efforts at "Greening the Government" [like in "send more greenbacks"?]. EO's are used by some presidents to bypass the legislative process in establishing new laws.
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When Totalitarianism Comes to America, It Will Come Wrapped in a Whole-Grain, Low-Sodium, Decaffeinated, Re-Usable, Non-Carbon-Footprint Wrapper
    — Karen De Coster, title for article
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