Historical Political Events for June 9

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Year Event
1815 The Congress of Vienna ends with agreement on new political boundaries of the European states.
1943 The "Current Tax Payment Act", passed this date by Congress, provides for income taxes on wages and salaries to be withheld by employers from paychecks. The purpose stated was that is was an emergency provision for the War. Sure -- but it is still with us today. This act accounts for the uncontrolled growth of government more than any other event!!!
1963 The Equal Pay Act, P.L. 88-38, is enacted. It guarantees women equal pay for equal work but proves difficult to enforce.
1969 The U.S. Supreme Court, in "Brandenburg v. Ohio" held that a state may not penalize speech that is not intended to cause immediate injury.
1998 Transportation Equity Act of 1998 ("TEA-21"), Pub. L. 105-178, removes requirement for highways to be metrified. (Background: National Highway System Designation Act of 1995 requires some metrification; Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1978, Pub. L. 95-599, outlawed metric road signs; November 9, 1979, Pub. L. 96-106 amended the restriction to allow metric road signs in Puerto Rico; National Highway System Designation Act of 1995, Pub. L. 104-59, delayed the imposition of nationwide metric road construction until September 30, 2000).
1999 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (announced in the CBD): From the USAID: "COUNTER NARCOTICS CONSOLIDATION OF ALTERNATIVE DEVELOPMENT EFFORTS (CONCADE) CNT 511-C-00-99-00114-00, Ref RFP 511-99-001, Consolidation of Alternative Development Efforts made in the Cochabamba Regional Development Project in order to transform the Chapare region economy from the current mix of illicit cultivation, coca production, processing and trafficking into an economy . . .", AMT $33,660,239.00 TO Development Alternatives, Inc.. [Who said crime doesn't pay!]
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Quote of
the Day
Far more important, without a system of current collection, it would have been impossible to collect the amount of income taxes that we collected during the war. At the time, we concentrated single-mindedly on promoting the war effort. We gave next to no consideration to any longer-run consequences. It never occurred to me at the time that I was helping to develop machinery that would make possible a government that I would come to criticize severely as too large, too intrusive, too destructive of freedom. Yet, that is precisely what I was doing.
    — Milton Friedman, who was a key player in implementing the "tax withholding" system
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