Historical Political Events for July 15

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1099 Christian Crusades: Jerusalem conquered - more than 60,000 victims (Jewish, Muslim, men, women, children). "there [in front of Solomon's temple] was such a carnage that our people were wading ankle-deep in the blood of our foes", and after that "happily and crying for joy our people marched to our Saviour's tomb, to honour it and to pay off our debt of gratitude."
1830 The Sac and Fox Indians ceded all their lands east of the Mississippi to the U.S.. The terms being that the lands so ceded were not opened to white settlement, the treaty expressly stipulating that "The lands ceded and relinquished by this treaty are to be assigned and allotted under the direction of the President of the United States to the tribes living thereon, or to such other tribes as the President may locate thereon for hunting and other purposes." Sure, no problem.
1834 The Spanish Inquisition, begun in 1478, is ended this date by a decree.
1949 Congress passes a Federal Housing Act to fund slum-clearance and low-rent public housing projects. These housing projects, in turn, become the most filthy, rat and crime infested slums, ever seen by mankind!
1958 President Eisenhower (R) sends 8000 US troops to Lebanon; they stay 3 months.
1991 US troops leave northern Iraq -- Bush's Gulf War I is over. [Rarely is the sequel better, but "Gulf War II" is an exception!]
1996 President Clinton (D) issued E. O. 13010 titled "Critical Infrastructure Protection" establishing the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) and the Infrastructure Protection Task Force (IPTF). In August 1996, the Cleveland FBI Field Office contacted local government officials and information security professionals and established InfraGard, a national spy network comprised of private citizens collaborating with the FBI.
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Quote of
the Day
It is the mark of our whole modern history that the masses are kept quiet with a fight. They are kept quiet by the fight because it is a sham-fight; thus most of us know by this time that the Party System has been popular only in the sense that a football match is popular.
    — G.K. Chesterton, A Short History of England
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