Historical Political Events for July 17

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Year Event
1862 Lincoln signs the second Confiscation Act which, among other things, allows for the confiscation of private property in Rebel territory -- without due process with no opportunity for defense -- somewhat similar to the forfeiture laws we have today.
1916 A Federal Farm Loan Act, passed by Congress, provides for Farm Loan Banks throughout the U.S..
1932 Nazis under police escort brazenly marched into a Communist area near Hamburg in the state of Prussia. A big shoot-out occurred in which 19 people were killed and nearly 300 wounded. It came to be known as "Bloody Sunday."
1936 Start of the Spanish Civil War.
1964 In Iraq, a military coup deposed President Arif. The main plotters were army officers and members of the Ba'th Party. A second coup (July 30) eliminated the army officers from the government. The Ba'th Party, a small, exclusive, and secretive organization, emerged as the sole master of the regime.
1997 EPA's more stringent rules for "Clean Air", go into effect. How truthful are their claims?
1998 Federal Judge William Osteen threw out the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 1993 report finding that secondhand tobacco smoke causes lung cancer.
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Quote of
the Day
A functioning police state needs no police.
    — William Borroughs
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