Historical Political Events for July 23

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Year Event
1298 Jews are massacred at Wurzburg Germany.
1851 Sioux chieftains ceded all Sioux lands in Iowa and some in Minnesota to the U.S. Government by treaty {pdf}.
1967 In Detroit, Mich., July 23-30 at least 40 died; 2,000 injured, 5,000 left homeless by rioting, looting, burning in city's black ghetto. Quelled by 4,700 federal paratroopers and 8,000 National Guardsmen.
1985 President Ronald Reagan (R) meets at White House with Chinese President Li Xiannian, announces signing of pact allowing sale of American nuclear reactors and nonmilitary technology to China.
1991 The United States Senate votes to curb trade with the communist nation of China in order to force the release of some political prisoners. The House had passed the bill ( H.R. 2212) by 313-to-112 margin. President Bush (R) vetoed it.
1999 Britain releases draft of bill that will give police the power to demand decryption keys from anyone they suspect of possessing them, and failure to hand keys over can lead to a two year jail sentence. The defense will be presumed guilty of withholding a key unless they can prove otherwise. [All governments, including the US want to make encryption illegal. They will lose on this one.]
2001 Indonesian president Abdurahman Wahid removed from office. Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri sweared in.
2002 A secret memo of this date documents a meeting, attended by Mr Blair, Mr Straw, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and the attorney general of the U.K., in which the planned Iraq invasion is discussed, is later (May 1, 2005) exposed by the London Sunday Times. "But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy", it says.
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Quote of
the Day
The intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy. (The Iraq war).
    — Richard Dearlove, head of Britainís MI6, July 23, 2002
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