Historical Political Events for July 27

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Year Event
1789 The Department of Foreign Affairs, later to become the Department of State, created.
1916 Congress passed an act that extended the limits of levee construction on the Mississippi River from Cape Girardeau north to Rock Island, Ill.; extended the limits of both levee and revetment construction up the Arkansas River to the Jefferson Lincoln County line; and provided for improvement of the Ohio River from its mouth of the Cache River.
1919 Race riots commence in Chicago which claim the lives of a total of 23 blacks and 15 whites, with 291 wounded.
1953 Armistice signed ending Korean War. However, to this day, the two sides still face each other with guns across the DMZ.
1965 Public Law 89-92 requires caution labels on cigarettes and establishes a National Clearinghouse for Smoking and Health.
1974 House Judiciary Committee votes 27-11 to recommend Nixon (R) impeachment.
1996 A pipe bomb explodes at the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park, killing one person and injuring more than 100. FBI fingers Richard Jewell as the primary suspect, making sure the press knows about it. Of course, he is immediately convicted by the press without the bother of a trial. More here.
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Quote of
the Day
I have long been convinced that the idea of liberty is abhorrent to most human beings. What they want is security, not freedom. Thus it seldom causes any public indignation when an enterprising tyrant claps down on one of his enemies. To most men it seems a natural proceeding.
    — H.L. Mencken [Letter to Edgar R. Dawson, 3 Dec 37]
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