Historical Political Events for August 11

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1912 General Smedley Butler and his "expeditionary battalion" of U.S. Marines organized for service in Nicaragua, this date, in which capacity he participated in the bombardment, assault and capture of Coyotepe, 12 to 31 October. "What this was all about", according to General Butler.
1964 Congress approved "War on Poverty" bill (Economic Opportunity Act). As of 1993, we have spent $5.4 trillion on antipoverty programs since 1960. Yet in 1993, the poverty rate was 15.1 percent - higher than in the year the "war" began.
1965 The Watts riots erupt in Los Angeles when a white police officer arrests a black man for drunk driving.After six days of rioting, four people lay dead, over 1,000 are hurt, nearly 4,000 are arrested, and property damage is estimated at about $40,000,000. The National Guard is called in to restore order.
1984 "EQUAL ACCESS ACT", P.L. 98-377, becomes law. Allows school children to have meetings. "Education for Economic Security Act" (Public Law 98-377) added new science and mathematics programs for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education. The new programs include magnet schools, excellence in education, and equal access. P.L. 98-377 also includes the "ASBESTOS SCHOOL HAZARD ABATEMENT ACT." [Very confusing -- do not the states run the schools?]
1991 The famous series, "PRESUMED GUILTY: THE LAW'S VICTIMS IN THE WAR ON DRUGS" published in The Pittsburgh Press by Andrew Schneider & Mary Pat Flaherty, starts on this date.
1999 Kansas Board of Education removed Darwin's Theory of Evolution from the state's science curriculum. Later reinstated.
2000 President Bill Clinton (D) signed Executive Order 13166, commonly known as the "Limited English Proficiency" (LEP) Act. EO 13166 requires federal agencies and any other entities that receive federal funds via grants, contracts or sub-contracts to make their activities accessible to non-English speaking persons. Executive Orders are used by presidents to bypass the normal congressional route for creating new laws.
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The poor always ye have with you.
    — The Bible, King James Version, [John, 12:8]
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