Historical Political Events for August 12

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1868 U.S. military authorities force Navajo chiefs to sign a treaty agreeing to live on reservations and cease opposition to whites. The treaty establishes a 3,500,000-acre reservation within the Navajo Nation's old domains (a small portion of the original Navajo holdings), and while the main reservation will grow to embrace nearly 14,500,000 acres (25,000 square miles), most of it will be desert with only 68,000 acres of farmland. (Quoted from The People's Chronology,from Henry Holt and Company, Inc. Copyright 1995, 1996 by James Trager. All rights reserved.)
1914 Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary
1953 USSR explodes its first hydrogen bomb.
1955 The Special Milk Program (SMP) provides milk to children in schools and child care institutions that do not participate in other Federal child nutrition meal service programs. Also sells a little milk for the farmers.
1970 The U.S. Post Office becomes an independent government corporation. Sure.
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From DEA (DEA? Helping EPA, I suppose); HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE REMOVAL, CLEANUP AND DISPOSAL SERVICES AND OPERATIONAL SUPPORT FOR CONTRACT AREA(S) 7-01, 7-09, 7-10, 7-13, AND 7-28, AMT = $24,324,507.61, TO Advanced Environmental Technical Svs. (10 such contracts awarded today!)
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Quote of
the Day
The Spaniards were unable to exterminate the Indian race by those unparalleled atrocities which brand them with indelible shame, nor did they even succeed in wholly depriving it of its rights; but the Americans of the United States have accomplished this twofold purpose with singular felicity; tranquilly, legally, philanthropically, without shedding blood, and without violating a single great principle of morality in the eyes of the world. It is impossible to destroy men with more respect for the laws of humanity.
    — Alexis De Tocqueville, Democracy in America (1835)
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