Historical Political Events for August 19

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Year Event
1607 Two ships carrying 125 people arrived at Popham Beach in what is now Phippsburg, Maine, just three months after the foundation of Jamestown. Next spring they abandon their settlement and go back to England, forfeiting their place in history.
1692 A clergyman and 5 women were convicted of witchcraft and executed in Salem, Massachusetts. This event in history illustrates the importance of the "Rule of law" and the danger of relying on public opinion/hysteria in the determination of guilt -- as is still practiced today! Just change the word "witch" to "terrorist" and eliminate the trial (the government decides who is and who is not a "terrorist" -- no trial needed)
1919 Afghanistan Independence Day.
1934 A plebiscite in Germany approved the vesting of sole executive power in Adolf Hitler as Fuhrer. Over 90% of the voters approved (of this and other changes already in place).
1946 William Jefferson Blythe IV -- last name later changed to "Clinton" -- was born this date in Hope, AR. Some time later, he became the 42nd president of the USA.
1981 U.S. fighter planes shot down two Libyan jets that fired on them as U.S. ships carried out maneuvers in the Gulf of Sidra.
1994 President Clinton (D) abruptly halted the nation's three-decade open-door policy for Cuban refugees, ordering the Coast Guard to intercept boat people at sea and take them to the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay.
2000 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): General Services Administration, "ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY SERVICES, AMT $5,000,000 TO GeoEngineers, Inc., 7504 SW Bridgeport Road, Portland, OR 97224; $1,000,000 TO ERS Solutions, 8652 Daimler Way, Sacramento, CA 95828; $2,500,000.00 TO Wendy Lopez & Associates, Inc., 1825 Market Center Blvd., Suite 510, Dallas, TX 75207 and $4,500,000.00 TO SCS Engineers, 11260 Roger Bacon Dr., 3rd Floor, Reston, VA. The government has made over 150 awards for "ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY SERVICES"! [The nice thing about buying advice, you don't have to use it!]
2002 The budget surplus is now ancient history. The National Debt is now climbing $1.65 billion per day! Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase: From United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), "U.S. Transportation Security Administration Awards Unisys Major Homeland Security Program", AMT $244,000,000.00, To Unisys Corporation. [Who says terrorism doesn't pay!]
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Quote of
the Day
Mrs. Bush ... has taken to calling me 'son'... this just shows you the lengths at which the Bushes would go to get another president in the family. And I wish I could get them to adopt Hillary.
    — Former President Bill Clinton, in an interview with David Letterman
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