Historical Political Events for August 20

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Year Event
1120 Massacre at Acre: English king Richard I massacred nearly 3000 Muslim prisoners.
1916 Congress creates the U.S. National Park Service in the Department of the Interior. Originally formed to manage forty national parks and monuments, today it is responsible for almost 400 sites covering more than 80,000,000 acres. Often called "The National Pork Service" for its extravagant spending on such things as $584,000 "cabins" for the employees.
1958 The "Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1958" {pdf} required all livestock in the United States be slaughtered humanely, except for Kosher, Halal, and other religious slaughter. [Hmm - Religion trumps compassion?]
1964 President Johnson (D) signs a nearly $1 billion anti-poverty measure, the Economic Opportunity Act, which created the "Head Start", "Vista", and other "Great Society" programs. Poverty has grown alarmingly since then -- especially among children.
1968 Soviets invade Czechoslovakia.
1971 FBI begins covert investigation of journalist Daniel Schorr.
1986 Edmond, Okla. Post Office mass shooting. Pat Sherrill, 44, a postal worker who was about to be fired, shot 14 people at a post office. He then killed himself.
1996 President Clinton (D) signed into law the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, ostensibly geared to aid small business owners and their employees -- another "unfunded mandate". The bill raises the minimum wage from $4.25 to $5.15 an hour.
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From the Department of Education, "VOLUNTARY NATIONAL TESTS IN READING AND MATHEMATICS", AMT $13,035,848, TO American Institute for Research.
1998 President Clinton's (D) military destroys a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Khartoum, Sudan, that was allegedly producing chemical weapons. So, it was just aspirin they were making -- who cares?
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If you have ever debated a Marxist, or a serious liberal or conservative, or a feminist or Christian, you will have noticed that, although they can be exceedingly bright and well informed, they display a maddening imprecision. You never get a straight answer if it is one they do not want to give.
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