Historical Political Events for August 28

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1867 The U.S. annexed the Midway Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
1954 School Milk Program Act (Public Law 83-597) provides funds for purchase of milk for school lunch programs and a more reliable income for the farmers {pdf}.
1958 Congress responded to Soviet advances in missile technology by authorizing emergency defense spending (1958 PL 85-852 Military Construction Appropriation Act) and creating the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) under the Department of Defense. Although ARPA’s explicit mission is the pursuit of military research and development, the agency’s accomplishments include technologies suited to civilian use, including the Internet.
1997 Former Clinton Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy was indicted on 39 counts of illegally accepting gifts and favors during his reign, including airfares, luggage, sports tickets and cash. The 3-year probe of Espy has cost over $9 million. Acquitted.
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From the Naval Facilities Command, "ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIAL ACTION", AMT = $15,000,000.00, TO GEOFON, INC. (And Rush calls them "Environmentalist Wackos". I think not.)
1998 New Jersey State Supreme Court rules "virtually anyone with a pending forfeiture case, including those on appeal, is entitled to a jury trial".
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