Historical Political Events for August 30

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Year Event
1862 At the Second Battle of Bull Run, the South's General Lee soundly trounces the North's General Pope and sends his army scuttling back to Washington, DC, "with their tails between their legs".
1890 The Morrill Act (first passed in 1862) is passed by Congress which supports Land Grants to colleges and establishes experiment stations, extension services and agricultural research programs to aid U.S. farmers.
1954 The "Atomic Energy Act" becomes law.
1967 Thurgood Marshall, first black Supreme Court Justice, appointed.
1991 The Republic of Azerbaijan declares its independence from the USSR.
1994 Russian troops withdraw from Estonia and Latvia, following the dissolution of the USSR.
1995 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) aircraft begin large-scale attacks on Serbian positions in Bosnia; 300 sorties are flown in the first 12 hours, and by September 13 over 800 missions have been completed. (Quoted from The Encarta® 2000 New World Timeline © Copyright 1998, Helicon Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.) [Why is Dick Cheney smiling?]
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Quote of
the Day
The American political system is essentially a contract between the Republican and Democratic parties, enforced by federal and state two-party laws, all designed to guarantee the survival of both no matter how many people despise or ignore them.
    — Richard Reeves
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