Historical Political Events for August 31

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Year Event
1926 Soviet-Afghan Treaty of mutual recognition: The two countries signed a nonaggression pact this date. To the Afghan government, the Soviets represented a counterweight to the pressure from British India.
1935 President Roosevelt (D) signed an act prohibiting the export of U.S. arms to belligerents. Would it surprise you to learn that this law was greatly ignored?
1964 President Johnson (D) signs the Food Stamp Act, which greatly expanded the role of federal government in giving food coupons to needy families. However, its main purpose, it appears, was to help the agriculture business.
1965 The Department of Housing and Urban Development is established.
1981 President Reagan (R) signs the "Economic Recovery Tax Act", P.L. 97-34, which dramatically cut taxes for taxpayers in the highest income brackets. This tax cut was based on supply side economics (or Reaganomics)--a theory that, if you cut taxes and at the same time reduced government spending, a vast improvement in the economy will result, and thus government revenues will actually increase. It might have worked but unfortunately, they forgot the "reduced government spending" part!
1998 North Korea launches a missile over Japan without permission.
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The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
    — John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-)
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