Historical Political Events for September 12

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1814 A British fleet under Sir Alexander Cochrane began the bombardment of Fort McHenry, the last American defense before Baltimore. As the sun rose the next day, Lawyer Francis Scott Key was amazed to see the American flag still flying over the battered fort. This experience inspired Key to write the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner" and adapt them to the tune of a well-known British drinking song.
1880 The great satirist/visionary, H. L. Mencken, was born on this date. He saw the nature of politicians (that is, that they are all driven by self interest -- not public interest) long before Public Choice Theory was developed.
1953 Nikita Khrushchev became the 1st Secretary of USSR Communist Party.
1958 US Supreme Court ordered the Little Rock Arkansas Central High School to integrate.
1974 In Boston there are race riots resulting from forced busing of school children.
1994 FBI Director, Louis Freeh, instituted the FBI’s current alcohol policy, the “Bright Line Policy”, directing how the organization would address instances of driving while intoxicated and other alcohol related misconduct by its employees. “Estimates show that alcohol abuse among law enforcement officers in the United States is approximately double that of the general population, where 1 in 10 adults abuses alcohol.”, per Freeman Kirschman, in her book, I Love A Cop.
1997 The New York Times announced that some cities will start bottling municipal tap water. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi will start bottling tap water for this lucrative $4 billion market. It seems that Yuppie's have an obsession with drinking water out of a bottle even if it might be more contaminated than tap water! (a powerful meme).
2000 Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) became the first "first lady" to win an election as she claimed victory in the New York Democratic Senate primary, defeating little-known opponent Dr. Mark McMahon.
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Quote of
the Day
Democracy is that system of government under which the people, having 35,717,342 [folks] to chose from, . . pick out a Coolidge to be head of state. It is as if a hungry man, set before a banquet . . .turns his back upon the feast and stays his stomach by catching and eating flies.
    — H. L. Mencken
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