Historical Political Events for September 13

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Year Event
1960 Medicare program established.
1971 Police kill 28 Attica State Prison inmates in regaining control of the prison; the inmates kill 9 hostages. The state says it is sympathetic with many inmates' grievances; accepted 28 of 30 inmates' proposals. Deadliest prison riot in U.S. history; besides the deaths, scores were injured.
1994 Documents related to the Travel Office Scandal are subpoenaed from the White House.
1994 The "Omnibus Violent Crime Control and prevention Act", P.L. 103-322, - a $30.2 billion package that makes crime (even more) unlawful [but does provide midnight basketball!]. The purpose of such laws is not so much to fight crime but to get politicians re-elected. Examples are: "OMNIBUS CRIME CONTROL AND SAFE STREETS ACT OF 1968","OMNIBUS CRIME CONTROL ACT OF 1970", "CRIME CONTROL ACT OF 1973", "CRIME CONTROL ACT OF 1976", "COMPREHENSIVE CRIME CONTROL ACT OF 1984", "CRIME CONTROL ACT OF 1990", "VIOLENT CRIME CONTROL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1994". [Notice how crime becomes a more serious problem on even numbered years.]
1994 The "VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT", part of P.L. 103-322, becomes law, a major victory for NOW. Since all the forms of violence against women were already prohibited by law, the act's main action is to federalize more crimes and increase the spending and the bureaucracy for all concerned. Interestingly, the act is actually gender neutral and an early prosecution was against a woman, Rita Gluzman! More here (many links).
1997 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD): From the Brooks Air Force Base (an extremely environmentally conscientious government group), "WORLDWIDE FULL SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIAL ACTION EFFORTS WITH PARTIAL SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE", AMT $475,000,000.00, TO Versar Inc. [Wow! A bit greedy there, Versar. What are we going to use to buy planes with now?]
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A gentleman is one who never strikes a woman without provocation.
    — H. L. Mencken
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